Dealing with Things in a Delicate Manner

The Names of Allah have a lot of lessons in them for us.

The Name Lateef (the Subtle One) occurs 7 times in the Quran, 5 times associated with His Name Khabeer (the All Knowing).

It teaches us a very powerful lesson.

We should deal with things in a delicate way because it’s a Sunnah of Allah. He Deals with things in subtle ways, despite Him Knowing everything in detail and BECAUSE He Knows everything in detail.

Similarly, we won’t know how to deal with things delicately unless we have exhaustive information.

Sometimes we say things to people, which are not very delicate, and we don’t understand the background. And we can say things which are very hurtful, even though that is not our intent…

We lacked Lutf, because we lacked khabar.

When you know more about a situation then you are able to deal with it in a more sensitive way. And until you have that information, you should just step back and say I don’t know.


(Taken from tafseer of Surah Mulk,