A traveller, a passerby on this winded road we call life. A seeker, a wanderer.

A mother of 2, learning, unlearning, making mistakes, making new promises.

A photographer, a jigsaw puzzle lover. Quran lover and a bookworm!

A writer, writing about my wanderings on this winded path… in hopes of reaching the destination I dream of. Ameen.

I may not have anything new to offer, but it is through the blog writing of 4 Muslimahs particularly, and many others, that I pulled through a very difficult time in my life, bi iznillah. This was in addition to the intellectual and spiritual knowledge of our Deen, of the Quran and Hadith, that I had been fortunate of gaining at the hands of my teachers and mentors for a whole decade, alhamdulillah.

Also, in case you wish to benefit from some Muslimah bloggers, they are:

  • Confessions of a Muslim Mom With whom I also took the course Reboot Spring 2016 See here
  • Gilded Dunya The similarities this sister has with me are pleasantly surprising! Just one of them being that our second ones were born Ramadan 2016 alhamdulillah 🙂
  • Asmaa Hussein Writer of a beautiful, touching book, A Temporary Gift. See Here)
  • Drama Mama Love her writings and her spirit!

There were other mentors and friends and family who were there when I needed them (and hopefully when I will need them again) and for that I ask Allah SWT to Grant them from His Treasures.

This space is my refuge, as I continue struggling on this path, ever toiling towards Allah (SWT), but I write with the hope, that perhaps my sharing some aspects of my journey may help at least one soul someday, the way Allah SWT Made it possible for me to be helped by Muslimahs, from different parts of the globe, by our common goal of seeking nearness to the sacred, to our Allah, in our ordinary days of life.


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