Ramadan prep 2017

Alhamdulillah, Ramadan is right around the corner, and as we prepare our hearts to welcome Ramadan, it always helps to have some tangible goals at hand.

One suggestion I have for everyone is to increase your knowledge of and your making of the Sunnah duas. If you already do not have a Sunnah dua book that you refer to regularly, now is the time to choose one that you feel comfortable with.

I dearly recommend Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi rahmatullah alaih’s Munajaat e Maqbool. It is a collection of Sunnah duas which are divided into duas that can be read each day of the week. So in a week, you go through all of them if you follow the order of the book. What I particularly like is how in the hashia (margin) he gives the reference to each dua. Apart from these daily regimens, there are also time and space specific duas at the end, like dua-e-hajah (supplication of a specific need) or dua -e-istikhara, or the duas to read

To increase your memorization of the duas you can highlight or underline the ones you want to add to your list, so as your go through them, you can also take second looks at the highlighted parts whenever you wish to review those particular duas.

I found this book amongst my mother’s collection – and I have found a special affinity to it ever since. I don’t know the story of how and when she got this dua book – but may she receive abundant reward for each dua as I read it, along with whoever guided her to it. Ameen.

dua book2

There is something beautiful about making the Sunnah duas – if you know Arabic, the experience is more beautiful because it is not just a rote-learned reading out of the duas… You feel them when you read them… And if you get them memorized then you can  ‘make’ duas in the same words that once came out of the blessed mouth of Rasool Allah sallAllahu alaihi wasallam. Sunnah duas are incredibly comprehensive and leave you feeling humbled before Allah swt.

As sister Rayhaanah Omar  Inspiration for Qur’an Memorization (see here) mentions, choose one or many themes that you want to focus on this Ramadan. Each year, our Ramadan may be coloured in different ways – perhaps there was a time we attended a daura e Quran in Ramadan, then there may be another we increased our remembrance of Allah in through dua and tasbeeh; there may have been a year we sat in ‘Itekaaf in… What will this year’s Ramadan be like for you? How do you wish to color it?

Be creative inshaAllah and share your ideas below.

Allahumma Wahdini li saalihil a’maal wal akhlaaq

Innahu laa yahdi lisaalihihaa wa laa yasrifu sayyi’iha illa Anta.

[Ya Allah, and Guide me to righteous deeds and character traits (habits)

Indeed no one Guides towards righteous deeds and attributes and none turns around bad deeds and traits except You.]

Ameen ya Rabb


The Drizzling Rain of the Qur’an


Alhamdulillah for the driver who used to take us to elementary school. Alhamdulillah he played the Quran on and off.

Alhamdulillah for the taxi driver who drove us to high school and also used to play his favourite Qur’an recitation extremely regularly – I think it was Qari Basfar now that I try to remember…

Alhamdulillah for listening to Imam Sudais, Imam Shuraim in the Haram live when they used to be leading prayers once upon a time.

Alhamdulillah for our Qur’an classes in Manarat Jeddah where we recited, memorized, small surahs…

Alhamdulillah for these snippets of relationship with the Qur’an APART from the basic learning from the Qari sahab culture of Paki people…

Will I be able to give this experience to my children? Maybe not the same, unless people start listening to tilawah while commuting even in pakistan… Unless people realized how far they are in connecting to the Word of God… Unless people who are owners of the Qur’an became more intwined with our society and are beaming examples of the softness that our Prophet (s) embodied… Unless it happens in a similar, gentle way, like drizzling rain from the sky… I pray it does…for all our children

There is a beauty, a Majesty in the Words of Allah swt in the Arabic language itself – when this is coupled with an intellectual contextual understanding of the beauty of Allah’s Words, it will not NOT leave an impact on hearts. That is how He Guides, how He waters our hearts with His Kalaam, the Greatest Sign of His Existence…