Religious OCD

Dear sisters,


If you have signs of perfectionism in you, and you strive for perfection in Deen also, please be careful.

If you are not careful, you can get swept into religious OCD by religious leaders who focus on the trivial things rather than those that are really important.

Pray to Allah SWT. make a direct connection with Him. That is why we ask for Guidance in every rak’ah of salah.

Find company and friends who will encourage you instead of holding tunnel views about what Deen is.

May Allah swt Make us flourish in our spiritual journeys.

May He Draw us closer to Him, and not to ideologies and understandings…

Rabbana laa tuzigh qulubana ba’da iz hadaitana,

wa habb lana min ladunka Rahma

innaka antal Wahhab


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