There is no ‘station’ in this world

There is a concept of stations or states of a believer in this world. I believe it stems from Sufism or tasawwuf. Having different states, such as being patient at certain times, feeling gratefulness at others, is a very acceptable concept.

However, when the word ‘station’ is used, it implies that you have reached a destination. So, for example, I’m not making this up, it is written in some books that: you reach a point of no return. Excuse me? A point of no return from wilayah? A point of no return to sin?

I am not negating the science of tasawwuf, rather pointing out some issues with some of the concepts that people who are in tasawwuf may face. Tasawwuf is part and parcel of Deen. The knowledge of the inner state of believers has been preserved over the generations and it is presented in a nutshell. However, the pitfalls of the system need to be pointed out if we are to reap maximum benefits from it.

Is there such a concept, really, in Deen? And if there is not, how can very educated people, in both Deen and dunya, be ok with reading something like that in a book?

For someone who wishes to believe that, he or she is most welcome, but it makes me very concerned for them. There are consequences of believing in this notion.

There are no ‘stations’ for believers in this world. Do you know how dangerous that concept is? It is the concept that leads to saints falling into sin. It is the concept that makes believers wait for that ‘station’ to arrive in this world. A person to have reached a maqam or station of sabr (patience) means he or she will have sabr always. This is humanly impossible.

We are meant to keep striving in this world. We do not reach any station at all at any point on this path. Point of no return is death… unless you’re following a different Qur’an than me.

We go through different states, yes. We may feel extremely charitable at a point in time, we may be immersed in the love of Allah at another time, we may striving to do dawah at another time, and sometimes we just may serve others as a means of reward. We may be going through a stage of extreme gratefulness, we may experience sabr on a calamity that befalls us. But how can one even suggest that so and so has reached a station of shukr such that they will never feel ungrateful ever again? Or that a person has reached a level of nafs e mutmainna that they have no ‘desires’ left in them?

You may be the greatest saint in the world, and shaytan will come to you and say everything is made permissible to you.

And Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jillani said to such a shaytan: Begone you dog!

We have never arrived anywhere in this world. There is no station. No rest. There is a constant battle. Against our nafs.

May God give everyone of us a beautiful death, such that our last breath is one with Iman and the kalima on our lips. Ameen



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