Back to the Basics



When you are experiencing a burnout- go back to the basics.

Whether it’s the workplace, motherhood, or even your Deen, there will be times when you will you have gone overboard, emotionally. When you have been stretched to your limits.

Don’t let shaytan play with that moment of weakness.

If you are a student of knowledge, there is so much to help you heal. But there is so much shaytan can play with.

So the best thing for us to do is to go back to the very basics

Very very very basics.

What are the basics? In my experience, they are:

  1. The knowledge that: no one is perfect in this world. Neither are we. If we were putting up a mask of perfection and fooling ourselves, now is the time to take it off. Presenting ourselves to Allah with no masks on (there weren’t any masks ever, anyway) is beautiful because that is when we realize how Close He really is to us. We may be fooling ourselves or others, but with Him, we can be ourselves… We realize there is nothing to hide. Nothing we can hide. And that there is nowhere to go but to Him.
  2. The knowledge that: We are nearing the end of times. All the signs mentioned by our Prophet (s) have taken place. Things are going to get worse for the Muslims, and then we will await Imam Mahdi. So what should we do then? We need to pull our act together right? The force of evil is too strong i feel. The times of fitan (trials) is defined as such- when right and wrong will be mixed up… So we need to unite. We need to applaud all forms of good. We need to encourage goodness, righteousness. We need to keep striving. Allah Accept us…
  3. Remember His Love. Remember our iradah. Remember that intention we have to make it to Jannah. And then keep swimming.
  4. His Words. His Kalaam. Connect to the Qur’an. Because there is no doubt therein. See my post

May He Save us from the trials of this dunya, the trials of Dajjal, the trials of the grave, and the punishment of the akhirah. May He include us amongst His Righteous Servants. Ameen.


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