Grief – One Week Jam-Packed with it

With everything going on in the world, in Syria and particularly Aleppo’s misery, one cannot but feel despair at not being able to do anything.

I need to admit, I am not a ‘doer’ anyway. Perhaps the only thing I ‘can’ do is write.

And so here I am.

At a loss for words.

At a loss now, even for feelings.

I feel numb. I miss the time I cried for Junaid Jamshed few days ago. That tragedy had a sweetness to it. A beloved had returned to the Beloved. And he left behind millions who remembered his love for the Beloved. It was a sign that Allah SWT puts love in the hearts of people when He Himself Loves somebody on this earth.

It was a sign, that a person who strove to spread the message of peace and love, was accepted by the Lord of the Worlds. It was a sign that our striving goes not in vain. It was a beautiful reminder that change brings about more and more change – a domino effect – love spreads love from one heart to another.

But Syria is devastating.

It is horrendous.

It reminds, not of beauty and love, but of destruction, hatred and malice.

Whereas, some days ago, even something as tragic as a plane crash reminded us of Allah’s Jamal,  His Beauty, And that He is Lateef (Subtle and Gentle) and so Kareem (generous, Caring) the scene in Syria on the opposite end reminds us of His Jalal – His Majesty and Might and Glory; it necessarily reminds us of His Adal and that He is Saree’ul Hisaab– His Justice which only He can do to both the oppressors and the oppressed, and that He will be Swift to take Account.

It reminds us what humans can become. What they have the ability to become if they do not work on their hearts. If they let in and give in to the evil of the whisperer.

It is a reminder of the works of Shaytan.

But it is also a reminder that Allah SWT Reigns Supreme over this Shaytaan.

It reminds us, that He is Ever Watchful of the atrocities being committed. And that on the Day of Judgment, He will Judge with Justice.

Limanil Mulk al-Yaum (To Whom Belongs Dominion This day?)

Lillahi Wahid ul Qahhar (To Allah, the One, the Subduer.)

In that Day, therefore, we turn. In the hopes of that day. In the hopes that we can become someone who can rejoice that Day. In the hopes that that will be the best day of our lives.

Ya Allah Forgive us for our shortcomings. Forgive me for not being able to do much for our Muslims brothers and sisters. Forgive me for my despair. Indeed, I turn to You now ya Allah, to heal my hurt heart. I turn to You to Provide the balm – Your Remembrance and Soothe the pulsing, throbbing pain of this heart. Accept us ya Allah, and Grant us Everlasting Felicity. Ameen




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