The Rain

The rain washed it all away.
The stains,
The rust,
And brought new life.

The pains, the sorrows
The negative thoughts
The feelings

It was as if a rebirth
Of hopes

Not without awareness of inevitable pitfalls
And bumps down the road

As there always are.

But to see the rose.
And appreciate the thorns.
To see the rose deeply.
Smell it.
Feel it.

That is what you and I
Must learn

If we are to break free
Of the shackles that are our thoughts
The whisperings
That bind us

Gratefulness it is then
Which we must choose
If we are to breath in the beauty
That is around us.
The beauty that is found
In the darkest of nights
The deepest of shadows
The most depressing of thoughts.

“And if you are grateful We shall indeed Increase you.” (Quran 14:7)

The rain fell
In sheets
And washed away
The stains of my heart.


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