There are,
Walls around my heart.

Blistered wounded and hurt,
Maybe not for the right reasons.
It will take time to mend…

But I dream to make this hurt worthwhile.

I wish this broken heart

I pray…
That my bitterness is sweetened
By love

A love so overpowering that
It overcomes the pain, the hurt,
The heartache

Let it overflow
Such that it fills
The emptiness of this heart.

I have no hope
Without that love.
I have a dearth of it.
I am thirsty for it

It is not a love from outside.
I’m asking for a heart
That loves.
That loves more than it hates. That cares more than it is indifferentThat is sensitive yet not broken


I have no hope in the jungle
That is this world
If I do not have 
Such a Heart

Let me strive then
Ya Allah
To create that heart.
Let me strive
To bring to You 
That heart.

It is too broken
Too blackened 
And so I turn back,
And see,
The path that I have to tread
If I wish to have that wholesome heart;


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