The Rain

The rain washed it all away.
The stains,
The rust,
And brought new life.

The pains, the sorrows
The negative thoughts
The feelings

It was as if a rebirth
Of hopes

Not without awareness of inevitable pitfalls
And bumps down the road

As there always are.

But to see the rose.
And appreciate the thorns.
To see the rose deeply.
Smell it.
Feel it.

That is what you and I
Must learn

If we are to break free
Of the shackles that are our thoughts
The whisperings
That bind us

Gratefulness it is then
Which we must choose
If we are to breath in the beauty
That is around us.
The beauty that is found
In the darkest of nights
The deepest of shadows
The most depressing of thoughts.

“And if you are grateful We shall indeed Increase you.” (Quran 14:7)

The rain fell
In sheets
And washed away
The stains of my heart.


Struggles of New Motherhood

​You may be struggling to clean up your kids’ mess.. but you were once an extremely organised person.

You may be struggling to write down shopping lists so that you don’t forget an important item in the week’s grocery… but you were once an excellent essay writer.

You may be struggling with parenting … but you were always a good friend.

You may be struggling with controlling your anger… at least you never got angry when someone insulted you on your face…

You may find … in the long hours of the days and nights when all you are doing is parenting… you feel that you know nothing .. are good at nothing.

But remember yourself the way you were before this phase.. and the way you will return to be after this phase.

Because no one else will.

You need to remember this yourself.

Beautiful mothers, love yourself first.

Allah Loves You

​When you are feeling down,

Count not only the innumerable blessings that you have been bestowed with (because you may not be able to see them at the time)…

But the things that you succeeded in.

All those times when you were happy.

It is precisely this time when you need to remind yourself the most of your strengths.

If you cannot, then know that you need to figure it out. You need to know your strengths, dig deep, see through,  follow through.

You need to know your strengths as well as acknowledge your weaknesses.

For, in knowing yourself lies the key to knowing Him. (Al-Ghazali)

Then, thank Allah for having all the strengths that you have. 

Write them down somewhere so that you can look at them when feeling low.

and realize how much He Loves you.

(The Most Loving One)


There are,
Walls around my heart.

Blistered wounded and hurt,
Maybe not for the right reasons.
It will take time to mend…

But I dream to make this hurt worthwhile.

I wish this broken heart

I pray…
That my bitterness is sweetened
By love

A love so overpowering that
It overcomes the pain, the hurt,
The heartache

Let it overflow
Such that it fills
The emptiness of this heart.

I have no hope
Without that love.
I have a dearth of it.
I am thirsty for it

It is not a love from outside.
I’m asking for a heart
That loves.
That loves more than it hates. That cares more than it is indifferentThat is sensitive yet not broken


I have no hope in the jungle
That is this world
If I do not have 
Such a Heart

Let me strive then
Ya Allah
To create that heart.
Let me strive
To bring to You 
That heart.

It is too broken
Too blackened 
And so I turn back,
And see,
The path that I have to tread
If I wish to have that wholesome heart;